Xuhui Riverside

The Xuhui Riverside Public Open Space or Shanghai Corniche is a riverside redevelopment in Shanghai[1] along a formerly industrial 8.5 kilometre frontage on the northern bank of the Huangpu River in Shanghai??s Xuhui District.The redevelopment is part of a re-urbanisation of the Xuhui river frontage as part of a broader strategy for the banks of the Huangpu River as it passes through the centre of the city,including the Bund,Pudong and the site for the World Expo.The municipality held an international design competition,won by Peter Verity of PDRc Ltd in January 2008.

The plan calls for a mixed use development with residential,employment,commercial,culture and recreation areas.A primary objective to re-establish the natural ecology of the area through urban greening and the re-establishment of wildlife habitats.The Shanghai Corniche will form part of Shanghai's Expo legacy and will be a pedestrian oriented area of rich urban places with a low energy public transport systems and low energy and low carbon buildings.

Xuhui Riverside Greenbelt

Green Urban: A Rebirth of a Disused Industrial Area

Contact: Ding Hongwei

Phone: 0086-21-54483880

E-mail: xhlhdingwh@xh.sh.cn

Address: Rihui Port to Xupu Bridge,Shanghai

Post Code: 200235

Neighboring Huangpu River to the east,a=Ʊ-Shanghai Xuhui riverside area stretches 11 kilometers from Rihui Port in the north to Xupu Bridge in the south,with an area of 7.4 square kilometers.

Since 2007,Xuhui riverside area has taken advantage of its excellent location,broad hinterland,long bank line and rich waterfront resources to redevelop the former base of industry,warehousing and transportation into a high-end service industry cluster zone that integrates life science service industry,technological innovation services and recreational activities as a whole.

Various plants adaptable to Shanghai are widely planted here.With the adoption of??CORNICHE??concept,the overall riverside Longteng Avenue has been elevated by 6.5m so as to create the only waterfront landscape avenue capable of feasting our eyes on the beautiful scenery alongside Huangpu River in a car next to the Bund - the First Bay in Asia.