Beauty of Xuhui: Building Best Service for CIIE


The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) is to be launched in 100 days;on the afternoon of July 30th,"Beauty in Xuhui: A District Full of Care"and the Discovery of the Best Service Window event was held at Liang Space and Zhongshuge Bookstore,both of which were once rated as a "Most Beautiful Bookstore".This is the third themed activity on CIIE by Xuhui following the Import Expo,held in Xuhui District,following the "Xuhui Commitment"in May and the "Window of Civilization: Embracing the Import Expo"in June.More than 100 people participated in the activity,including representatives from the Shanghai General Office of Civilization,Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce,commissions,offices and bureaus in Xuhui,senior officials from sub-districts and towns,staff members from windows in service industries and members of volunteer teams.

At the event the "Discovery of the Best Service Window"was officially launched,to mobilize all people in service windows in the region to actively prepare for the CIIE and better meet the demands of Chinese and foreign guests.Artist Song Huaiqiang led the grassroots window service staff to perform original poem "Kindness,Beauty and Discovery in Xuhui"to fully demonstrate their style.The comedy "Faster and More Convenient"reflects Xuhui's pioneering test on "Internet + Government Affairs"and strict punishment in the "Traffic Remediation",which triggered a strong resonance among the citizens.During the event,the model traffic police actively responded to the voices of the people and advocated civilized travel.Also,the staff of the administrative service center teamed up with intelligent robots to vividly introduce the Xuhui paradigm of the government service "On One Single Platform".Ten window service units were awarded the honorary title of "The Best Service Window"in Xuhui District.

In 2017,Xuhui District was awarded the National Civilized City.Nowadays,Xuhui,which brings together historical heritage of Longhua,and cultural preservation of Xujiahui and the latest development of the West Bund,is welcoming the arrival of CIIE with the highest standards,the strongest expression,the most appropriate action,the best image and the best reputation.As the busiest hub for transportation,the Shanghai South Railway Station relies on the "Xinshang"Leifeng Service Station to serve thousands of passengers,and has equipped specialists at major service posts to provide bilingual services to facilitate domestic and foreign travelers.60 civilization guides from the Xujiahui business district have also been fully employed to improve service and enhance the "Shanghai shopping"experience.In the meantime,the Xuhui Food and Drug Supervision departments have made every effort to facilitate the comprehensive management of unlicensed food business,and vigorously promote the creation of credible restaurants and trustworthy supermarkets.

(Source: Xuhui General Office of Civilization;photograph by Zhu Liang)