Eight Fine Works of Hengshan Road

1 International Architectures
The style of apartment and villa is colorful,there are Spanish style,Britain style,countryside villa style,pseudo-classic style etc.,and it can be called as international architectures exhibition.Moreover,the most well-known ones among them are Hengshan Hotel (Picardie Apartments),West Lake Apartment (Washington Apartments),etc..The International Community Church,which was built in 1925,is bright and harmonious,full of heavy cultural color of Britain church atmosphere and religion.

2 Green of Phoenix Tree
The green landscape of both sides of Hengshan Road has a unique fascination,more than 500 phoenix trees,which are growing luxuriantly,are one of road green landscapes that is kept as the most ancient and perfect of Shanghai.It naturally combines with many international style architectures,and this makes Hengshan Road full of European style.

3 Status Quo of Recreational Business
Hengshan Road today has more than 200 commercial networks in recreational catering,entertainment health,etc.,and the business area is about 200,000 sq.m.Among them,there are many famous enterprises such as the International Tennis Center,China Youth Travel Service and TGI Friday??s from USA,Alden Entertainment Center from HK,SASHA??S Restaurant & Bar from England,Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore from Italy,Tang Yun Tea House,etc.,and they attract different-level consumers from various countries and regions.Moreover,being combined with Xujiahui commercial circles,it forms a pattern of recreational business that is dislocated and complementary,and it comes into being a famous characteristic street in Shanghai.

4 Cultural Recreation
There are many famous record companies,publishing houses and news units along the street,and it is very convenient to buy records,books and artistic works.Being matched with the European style of Hengshan Road,the art galleries here mainly sell canvas.Beside the road,lines of imitations of western famous paintings were being hung there,from Renoir to Monet,Seurat,Van Gogh,they can both cheer the hearts,be pleasing to eyes and achieve artistic enlightenments.But in the small but very exquisite bookstores,if you choose books with concentrated attention,no matter new or old,you will get seldom unexpected discoveries.Of course,the sculptural artistic corridor,paintings bar corridor and ceramics bar are much more popular,it is also a pleasure to initiate an idea to make an artistic glass vase and take it home while drinking strong coffee.

5 Famous Bars Gather
Various kinds of ??bars??gather in Hengshan Road,which forms a Shanghai Style bar cluster.The book bar is warm and silent,you can just order a bottle of tea,and then you can read all books in the bar,if you meet any book that you like very much,you can also buy it;the coffee bar often has an alien name: Malaysian Coffee,France Famous Wine,there is everything that should be there.The indoor decoration is full of modern European style,ship style,royal color,countryside style,adding the finishing touch by some simple props,being matched with jazz drum,rock music,serenade,everyone enjoys himself here.In addition,the bar names like Hong Fan Indian Pub,Old Times even make people show special favor and difficult to forget.

6 Cater and Feast
All the scales of restaurants in Hengshan Road are not big,but they seem to lead you to come into the catering street from all parts of the world.The dinning chain ??TGI Friday??s??from USA,the first ??Vietnam Saigon Restaurant ??in China,large theme music restaurant ??Hong Fan Indian Pub??,Japanese food ??Sumo Sushi??,Germany style Western-style food ??Landhaus??,Thailand taste and style ??Simply Thai??,Italy famous Western-style food ??Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore??and many restaurants with elegant environment such as ??Fragrant Camphor Garden??,??Xi??s Garden??,??Golden Fin Restaurant??,and ??Full House??,etc..All restaurants have pure special flavors,and we believe that gastronomists,who determine to travel all round the world,can save much travel expense.

7 World of Reminiscence
People who are fond of passing through time and space can go to the Old Times to have a look at western-style furniture,tableware,telephone,old-fashioned record player of 1930s,and serve as an old Color in 1930s.There still maintains a beautiful red house at the corner of green land in Xujiahui.Shell-like white eave,variously shaped windows and beautiful dome seen from the opened window,all these make people be surprised at its beauty.But what attracts people the most is its history,once here was the initial place of EMI Record Company,and also it used to be the hotbed of China Record Company.The bakelite record of those days once started a consuming upsurge in Shanghai several years ago.??China Record Company Little Red House??is a shinning point in recalling world.

8 Classical Sport
Take a broad view in the dim light of night,and the most shinning parts are neon lights of Orden Bowling Center and International Tennis Center.It has become a great honor for Shanghai white-collars to play in Orden Bowling Center for a time;the reputation of tennis court here has run a long course with a long distant source,the outdoors big tennis courts are located one by one at newly-built International Tennis Center,the tennis courts,which are set off by red and green,have an eye-catching momentum.This kind of big sports court is absolutely a luxurious enjoyment on being built in Hengshan Road that an inch of land equals to an inch of gold.In the swimming pool near the tennis court,so many people gather together who speak Shanghai dialect,Mandarin,Cantonese,Japanese and English,which can make the accidental interlopers being confused instantaneously at which country he stands.