Striking bell in Longhua Temple

Strike the Buddha bell,,

Pray for blessings and receive good luck,and listen respectfully to the sacred lucky sound of bell from the temple,,

Watch the fireworks,,

Hold mask revel and spend the happy time at the lucky place..

Tourists could participate in??The Flying Rainbow Vowing Activity??,buy??The Lucky Ties for Three Generations??composed of all kinds of animals and mascots,and then throw it on??the Longhua Lucky Tree??(??the flying Rainbow??) and entrust their nice will.This item of lightening activity is the prelude of the theme activity..

The Mile Palace of the ancient Longhua temple slowly opens its gate,and the monks follow the master abbot to come out slowly,stand at the either side of the gate and wait quietly.The master abbot represents Longhua Temple to welcome the guests,and begins to wrap in ribbons the 108 honorable guests who are to strike the bell in a sacred,severe and ceremonious atmosphere..

The honorable guests with ribbons on walk up to the bell tower one by one in singing voice,and strikethe bell for 108 times.The guests in and outside the temple listen respectfully to the ding,receive the benefit from Buddha together,eliminate personal misfortune,pray for blessings and welcome the New Year..