big shopping

Shanghai Orient Shopping Center Co., Ltd.
No.8, Caoxi Road (North)
Shanghai Orient Shopping Center Co., Ltd. is the first joint enterprise with the large-scale retailing constructed in Shanghai. Since Oct.1, 1993, the management achievements has been increasing sharply, and the annual sales reaches RMB.1, 000 million Yuan. After reorganizations, the company has fallen under the Shanghai Bailian Group, which is the biggest commercial enterprise in Shanghai. Orient Shopping Center is located in the bustling Commercial Building of Xujiahui that is in the southwest part of Shanghai. It also covers an area of 30,000 square meters, and it is a “foreign-related appointed store of tourism”, which gathers shopping, catering and leisure as an integral whole. Orient Shopping Center gives priority to retailing, and manages wholesale as a sideline. Nowadays, the varieties of commodities it sells have reached more than 60,000. They mainly include package foodstuff, various household needs, bags, washing cosmetics, gold ornaments, clocks and watches, glasses, gifts of arts and crafts, famous wines and cigarettes, clothing, shoes, caps, household articles and electrical appliances, etc. One-third of those managing commodities are imported goods, including some international famous brands. The others are all the products of Chinese-foreign joint enterprises’ and the domestic brand-name and highest-quality products. Large quantities of these products are scarce and invisible in other markets of Shanghai. The Orient Shopping Center persists in giving priority to direction of managing high-grade goods, advocating the idea of serving all round. Since the opening, customers are bustling here, the sales achievements become more prosperous everyday, and the Center has gained double harvests of social benefit and economic benefit. In order to rapidly join the track of the international commerce, Orient Shopping Center actively carries out the advanced systems of management and administration, adopts the managing manners such as purchasing overseas, stocking from the producing areas, buying outright to manage, and engaging the business of general agency. Moreover, the Center also develops and establishes some subsidiary companies such as the Orient Meitha Chain Co., Ltd., Orient International Trading Co., Ltd., and Orient Cleaning Co., Ltd. All this creates a new situation of commercial retailing. The successful management of Orient Shopping Center has done honor to the metropolis commerce after the reformation and open to the outside world, and also has been attached great importance and attentions from all-level leaders of central government and Shanghai Municipal Government. Some leaders of Central Government, Shanghai Municipal Government and correlative ministries and commissions had made personal appearances at Orient Shopping Center, such as Li Peng, Qiao Shi, Li Tieying, Wu Bangguo, Huang Ju and so on. Prime Minister Li Peng also wrote an inscription of commemoration for Orient Shopping Center: “House of Shopping”.
     Shanghai Silk Commercial Building Co., Ltd.
     No.139, Taiping Road.
Shanghai Silk Commercial Building Co., Ltd. is a foreign-related appointed unit of tourism and appointed shop for state guests in Shanghai. The company has successfully received dozens of countries’ Presidents, Premiers, Heads of States, Prime Ministers, Ministers and their wives from Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania and the friends from all over the world. Our company’s silk and woolen cloth, the brand of which “Qifang” is one of the famous ones in Shanghai, is also one of the name brand products and have been gained high praise from honored guests. Company takes the feature of   surface cloth of high-taste silk and woolen cloth. The company carries out the designs by itself, processes the products at certain places, and annually puts out hundreds of species of new flower styles and new varieties for customers to choose. Moreover, the company enjoys great prestige both at home and abroad with the new flower styles, good quality and excellent service, and enjoys the good name of “King of Silk”. The company’s dress department of state guests takes one’s measures and tailors for not only the political heavyweights of all countries and the leaders of domestic central government but also all the domestic and foreign guests, and carries out the rapid service of tailoring with high quality.
        Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum
        No.79, Fenyang Road
Located on Fenyang Road, the Arts and Crafts Museum covers an area of 1,500 square meters. It is divided into Carving Room, Knitting and Brede Room, Civil Arts and Crafts Room. Nearly 300 works are displayed inside, from which we can see the development skeleton of Shanghai arts and crafts.
    The architecture was originally the residence of director general of Police Consulaire Francaise of the French leased territory in Shanghai. After the triumph of Anti-Japanese War, it had ever been the first official place of the UN World Health Organization in the Asia-Pacific area. In the early days after the liberation of China, the Sino-Soviet Friendship Association Shanghai Branch had been stationed here.
    In 1963, under the concerns of Mr. Chen Yi, the most outstanding civilian industrial artists in Shanghai had been working here and teaching on their techniques in succession. At the same time, an artistic products showroom was built. In the early days of the Cultural Revolution, the Arts and Crafts Institute was driven out of the compound, and the building was occupied by Lin Liguo. In 1972, the Arts and Crafts Institute came back to its old haunt.
    Reagan, former president of the US, Heath, former Prime Minister of the UK, Ali, the boxing champion, and Egyptian President’s wife had ever come to visit this place. At present, the Arts and Crafts Institute has developed into a comprehensive cultural location with the functions of collection, exhibition, popularization, communication, tourism and so on. There are three exhibition halls of civilian arts and crafts, sculpture, and brocades respectively, and about ten specialized workrooms in the main building, which bring together about 50 industrial artistic professionals.           
        Shanghai Splendid Carpet Co., Ltd.
        No.2, Binyang Road
Shanghai Splendid Carpet Co., Ltd. is an enterprise with a history of 50 years and 900 employees. The enterprise professionally manufactures and manages all species of handcrafted carpets. Thanks to the intact product line and the quality supervision during the whole process, the enterprise enjoys great prestige both at home and abroad, and is greeted warmly. The materials of silk carpet are selected carefully and made delicately. The designs are elegant and beautiful, and the texture is very tough. The products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, and gained the golden medal of best quality in 1988. A special marketplace is established inside the factory so as to satisfy the needs of tourists’ visiting and shopping from all over the world.