“a=Ʊ-Shanghai Xuhui” is the portal of Xuhui District Government. This Website serves the objective of building the public government of “transparent, high-efficient and professionalism”, issues the government’s information, provides the handy service for the people, develops the government’s online affair-handling service, and erects an online interactive communicated bridge between the government and citizen.

The government’s portal of “a=Ʊ-Shanghai Xuhui” was formally opened in 1997. In 2003 and 2004, the website was twice revised, so that it have further strengthened the open work of government’s information, and enriches the government’s online service content. In Oct., 2004, the portal establishes an additional “a=Ʊ-Shanghai Xuhui English Version”, which can provide the service of the respect of traveling, making the investment, living and studying etc. to foreigner specially while providing various service for Chinese.

“a=Ʊ-Shanghai Xuhui” sincerely hopes to serve the people with abundant information, become the window of showing the style and features of Xuhui and propagating Xuhui, become the bridge and tie which contact the district government and friends from all walks of life, and make positive contribution for economic development and social development of Xuhui District.

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