District Governor
  • Resume

    My name is Fang Shizhong (male, Han Chinese). Born in August, 1968 in Wuhu, Anhui Province, I’m a CPC member. I started my career in July, 1990, during which I have acquired a master’s degree through an on-the-job postgraduate program, a doctorate degree in philosophy, and a title of Associate Professor. Currently, I’m Vice Secretary of the CPC Xuhui District Committee, Secretary of CPC Group of the People’s Government, Mayor of Xuhui District.I served as Director of Publicity Department of the CPC East China Normal University Committee; Deputy Director of Publicity Division of Publicity Department under CPC Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government (division equivalent), Confidential Secretary for General Office of Shanghai CPC Committee, and Deputy Director of Research Office under Standing Committee of Shanghai People’s Congress; Secretary of CPC Committee and President of Shanghai Grand Theatre Arts Center, and General Director of Shanghai Grand Theatre; Member of the CPC Standing Committee and Vice Mayor of Jing’an District; Director and Secretary of CPC Group of Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, and Director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Copyright; Vice Secretary of CPC Committee, Vice Mayor, Acting Mayor and Mayor of Baoshan District of Shanghai., Vice Mayor and Acting Mayor of Xuhui District.


  • District Mayor Fang Shizhong

    leading all work items of the district government

  • Vice District Mayor Tan Lin

    In charge of judiciary, human resource, social security, civil administration, people’s armed force, petition work and social stability, etc.; contact the Committee of Politics and Law of the CPC District Committee and the armed forces staying in the district.

  • Address of District Mayor

    To all our friends at home and abroad: Welcome to the website of the a=Ʊ-Shanghai Xuhui District People's Government. Located in the southwestern part of Shanghai’s central urban area, Xuhui is the birthplace of the city’s modern culture. Since Xu Guangqi’s age, Xuhui has been a platform for open communication between Chinese and Western cultures, giving way to the rise to the unique urban character of the Haipai culture. In full support for Shanghai’s 2040 vision as a global city of excellence, Xuhui is accelerating its efforts to become a top urban area in this modern international metropolis. We are building Xuhui as an innovation hub. With science, education and industries in full bloom, Xuhui is home to over 120 research institutions and colleges including the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In addition, the national-level Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, where four industry clusters on information technology, healthcare, culture and creativity, and innovative finance have been established, helps Shanghai position itself as a global innovation center. We are building Xuhui as a center of prosperity. Featuring an advanced transport network and comprehensive supporting services, Xuhui features important architecture and infrastructure the Shanghai South Railway Station, the first of its kind in the world with a circular design, eight Metro lines running through the district, as well as Shanghai's landmark commercial and business center, Xujiahui. All our efforts—from well-developed education and healthcare industries, to a comprehensive livelihood security system as well as an extensive public service network in the community—are intended to bring prosperity to the residents of Xuhui. We are building Xuhui as a cultural center. As a region flourishing in historical and modern culture, Xuhui is home to Longhua Temple, a thousand-year-old cultural heritage site; the Hengshan-Fuxing Road Historical Area, a witness of Shanghai’s modern history; Xujiahui Origin, Shanghai’s first national 4A open-air urban tourist site; and the West Bund, a new cultural landmark for Shanghai to communicate with the world and promote the Shanghai-style culture and the Chinese culture as a whole. We are building Xuhui as a wonderful attraction. With an amazing natural environment and safe neighborhoods, Xuhui has 11 large gardens including the Shanghai Botanical Garden, as well as the 5-kilometer-long cherry blossom avenue, which presents some of the most magnificent views within Shanghai’s Middle Ring. As we keep improving the air and water quality and optimizing our comprehensive services, we welcome all guests as a clean, well-organized and safe urban locality. As an open, global and innovative central area, we are committed to providing effective information and services to businesses and the public. This web-portal allows us to showcase the services provided by the Xuhui government, and we hope it can help people set-up their business online and gain easy access to policy advice. If you have any comments or suggestions concerning our work, do please let us know! The people of Xuhui are wise, elegant and pragmatic. We warmly invite you to visit or start your business here. In Xuhui, you’ll feel and understand the district through its glorious history, vibrant modernity and promising future. Fang Shizhong, District Mayor, a=Ʊ-Shanghai Xuhui District People's Government


  • My Main Job

    Guide the district government in its overall work.

  • Vice District Mayor Yan Bo

    In charge of education, health & family planning, sports, market supervision and administration, work safety, women & children, the Red Cross, archiving, emergency management, etc.; contact the trade unions, youth leagues, women’s federation.

  • Vice District Mayor Wang Hongwei

    In charge of development & reform, finance, fiscal and tax ,statistics, inspection, preparation, suggestions and proposals handling, government affairs openness, administration institute, cooperation and exchange, foreign affairs, Hong Kong and Macao affairs.