• Q&A on Childcare Holiday for Expectant Father of Late-Childbearing

    Q: Who is eligible for this late-childbearing child care holiday?A: A married woman gives birth to her first child after twenty-four is considered"late-childbearing";her spouse is eligible for the three-day child care holiday.So as long as the wife is considered"late-childbearing",the husband is automatically eligible for this three-day holiday.Q: Is there a time constraint for this holiday?A: Yes.According to relevant regulation,the holiday must be used within the period of the new mother's maternal leave.Q: When an employee enjoys the holiday,can a company write it off as absence from work?A: No.According to relevant regulation,an employee enjoying the late childbearing child care holiday should expect full salary during this period.(from district Women's Federation)


  • Opinions on the Implementation of Xuhui District??s Three-Year Action Plan on Senior Services

    In order to proactively address an aging population and further promote the construction of social senior service system in our district,the three-year action plan on the construction of social senior service system (2013ï½?2015) is hereby formulated according to the spirit of"Notice of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau on Forwarding Opinions of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China on Developing ¡®Year of Social Senior Service System Construction Facilitation' Activity and Initiating ¡®Respecting,Caring for and Helping Senior Citizens Program'"(HuMinFuFa [2012] No.17).I.General Requirements We will stick to the matching between service provision and fund guarantee,stick to the combination of overall planning and emphatic facilitation,stick to the connection between home-based,community-based and institutional senior services,and stick to the coordination between unified standards and area-specific pragmatism.The"9073"senior service pattern will be constructed through government leadership,policy support,multi-party participation and overall planning.By the end of 2015,a social senior service system featuring home-based senior service with supplementation of community-based and institutional senior service will be established in Xuhui District.II.Work Tasks (I) Institutional Senior Service and Management 1.Government input will be intensified and 1000 new senior care beds will be added using suchmethods as construction,reconstruction,adjustment and lease.By the end of the"Twelfth Five-Year Plan"period,the number of senior care beds in central urban district shall not be less than 2.5% of aged population in our district.2.A senior service institution will be constructed to take in senior citizens without self-care ability and those with senile dementia.Existing senior service institutions will be reconstructed so that more than 70% of beds in public senior service institutions and more than 60% of beds in private senior service institutions will be suitable for senior citizens without self-care ability.3.According to overall planning,senior service institutions will be provided with such facilities ascommunity senior citizens daytime service centers,dining service centers,medical rooms and rehabilitation centers.Any senior service institution offering 100 or more beds with an internal medical office will be granted start-up subsidy in a lump-sum manner.Any senior service institution with less than 100 beds will be integrated into community health service network.4.Standardized and information-based construction of senior service institutions will be promoted.Visual color management system featuring"colorï¼?symbolï¼?tool"will be popularized within senior service institutions across Xuhui District.The application of"Shanghai senior service management information system"- instistutional service management subsystem will be popularized.Directors of senior service institutions will be organized for training.The provision of equipment and operation personnel will be realized for information network facilities in senior service institution,and overall application of information system will be included in annual appraisal of senior service institutions.5.Subsidy for new senior care beds will be intensified.For new and private unregistered senior service institutions,District Government will give 1:1 supportive subsidy in line with municipal financial subsidy.6.The settlement method of operating expenditure subsidy for senior service institutions will be adjusted.The former rental subsidy for senior service institutions based on building area will be changed into the operating expenditure subsidy depending on the levels of care for senior citizens.7.Repair subsidy for hardware facilities of senior service institutions will be adjusted.If any senior service institution that has been in existence for 5 years or longer intends to have its facilities and equipment repaired,it shall submit an application for facilities repair subsidy one year in advance.Subject to assessment and verification of repair work completed,the former subsidy standard of 20% of repair expense will be raised to 30%,and the total amount of adjusted subsidy may not exceed RMB300,000.8.Senior service institutions will be encouraged to offer diverse services.Senior service institutions will organize physical,mental and functional rehabilitation activities for senior citizens on a regular basis,and community senior volunteers will be encouraged to offer health consulting and psychological care services for senior citizens living in such institutions.Professionals working in senior service institutions will be encouraged to provide caretakers or guardians of senior citizens without self-care ability under home-based care with situational training and characteristic training service including daily care and psychological pressure relief,and project-specific service subsidy will be granted.9.Allowance for posts in senior service institutions will be perfected.Practitioners who have been working for a full 2-month period in any senior service institution and are now in active service will be given post allowance as from the third month.10.Senior citizen care subsidy for senior service institutions will be granted.Any senior service institution serving senior citizens domiciled in Xuhui District that is registered in our district but is built in a suburb will be granted non-local senior citizen care subsidy.11.The insurance system for senior citizens in senior service institutions will be improved.Senior service institution general liability insurance will be implemented,and the risk sharing mechanism will be established within and general liability insurance premium subsidy will be granted to any senior service institution in compliance with"Basic Standards of Shanghai Municipality for Management and Service of Senior Service Institutions".Groups of senior citizens with special difficulties domiciled in Xuhui District and taken care of in senior service institutions will be provided with"gold crutch"senior citizen accident insurance.12.The mechanism of assessing personnel settled in senior service institutions will be established,and newly accepted senior citizens must undergo physical health appraisal by a third-party professional institution at the expense of senior service institutions.13.Fire safety management of senior service institutions will be strengthened.The responsibility of entities in charge of fire safety will be heightened,and fire safety installations will be forcibly perfected.A sound fire safety management system will be established,and operating procedures will be standardized to eliminate fire safety hazards.Professional institutions will be commissioned to inspect and evaluate fire safety of senior service institutions to identify problems and order rectification within a given period of time.14.The management of service charges by senior service institutions will be improved.Service charges by senior service institutions will be subject to categorized management depending on nature of institutions and the identity of sponsoring entities,and service prices including bed charge and nursing charge will reflect different levels of service content and quality.15.Daily management and guidance of senior service institutions will be strengthened.Professional organizations will be engaged to guide and train practitioners in senior service institutions and improve their professional ethics,working skills and service levels.The role of industry associations and professional organizations in standardizing the practices of senior service institution and implementing industry self-discipline will be brought into play,and social responsibility of senior service institutions will be specified to generate composite force of management and service and promote a healthy and orderly development of senior service institutions.(II) Home-based Senior Service and Management 16.The scope of senior service subsidy will be expanded.The monthly pension will be improved from below RMB800/person at present to RMB1200/person.The coverage of 50% home-based senior service subsidy will be extended to senior citizens aged 75 or above and domiciled in Xuhui District who live alone or in households with all members being senior citizens.17.The settlement method of senior service subsidy will be improved.Senior service subsidy standard of RMB300/person/month for minor care,RMB400/person/month for medium care and RMB500/person/month for major care will be settled according to hours on a trial basis and subsidies will be granted as per market price so that senior citizens can enjoy home-based senior service corresponding to 30 hours/person/month for minor care,40 hours/person/month for medium care and 50 hours/person/month for major care.18.A senior service practitioners training mechanism will be established.Senior service practitioners will be organized to attend home-based senior care nurse training courses held by Shanghai Social Welfare Association or other relevant professional institutions.Personnel who obtain occupational qualification certificates and participate in senior service institutions and community services will be given training expense subsidy.19.The home-based senior care intelligent management system will be pushed forward.Social organizations will be engaged to try out home-based care"intelligent management"service in selected areas.Mobile terminal devices,non-contact IC cards and backstage management platforms will be used for real-time recording of service time of service personnel and for field analysis of their service quality to offer information support for enhanced functional levels of home-based senior service.20.Localized service management of community home-based senior service will be carried out.Localized service management of community home-based senior service will be conducted at the right time with municipal acceptance network as the carrier.(III) Community Senior Service and Management 21.The deployment of elderly facilities will be perfected.10 community senior citizen dining points,8 senior citizen daytime service centers and 30 standardized community senior citizen activity rooms will be added in 3 years' time.Age-friendly housing reconstruction will be conducted on such principles as safety,accessibility and tidiness.22.The construction and management of elderly facilities will be strengthened.Accessible handrails will be erected for any household with senior citizen(s) aged 75 or above.Accessible facilities including stepper machine will be tried out in 2013and be gradually popularized across the district in 2014 to address traffic difficulties of particular senior citizens,disabled persons and special groups.Construction,management and service standards will be formulated for existing senior citizen activity rooms,senior citizen dining points and senior citizen daytime service centers to cause elderly facilities in each community to attain standard requirements.23.Nutrition subsidy for very old senior citizens will be raised.For senior citizens with Xuhui domicile aged 90 or above,nutrition subsidy standard will be increased from RMB60/person/month to RMB100/person/month.Nutrition subsidy for centenarians will be increased from RMB300/person/month to RMB500/person/month.24.The work of solitary senior citizens pairing and caring will be perfected and the coverage of"old pal"service program will be expanded.Community solitary seniors paring and caring network comprising full-time special-requirement caretakers and a number of volunteers will be established to realize full coverage of caring service.25.The system of accidental injury insurance for senior citizens will be improved.Each senior citizen aged 60 or above with Xuhui domicile will be offered a"Yinfa Wuyou Xuhui District senior citizen accidental injury insurance"and the scope of liability will be gradually improved in accordance with the requirement and financial standing of senior citizens.26.Senior service information-based construction will be furthered.Classified service will be provided for senior citizens in the district through forever caring service hotline 962899.It offers senior service information and"matchmaking"service for senior citizens aged 60 or above;it provides"proactive caring"service for senior citizens aged 60 or above with special difficulties,solitary senior citizens aged 75 or above with particular difficulties,and solitary senior citizen aged 80 or above."Proactive positioning"and"electronic fence"service will be explored for senior citizens with special difficulties including senile dementia.27.The construction of old-age medical system will be strengthened.The"2+9+13"palliative care (i.e.,hospice) service network will be perfected.The construction of rehabilitation system will be beefed up and the capability construction of rehabilitation department of Xuhui District Central Hospital and Shanghai No.8 People's Hospital will be strengthened on the basis of tertiary hospitals in Xuhui District.We will establish the system of two-way referral of rehabilitation between public hospitals and grass-roots medical institutions,complete the construction of standardized rehabilitation department for 10 community health service centers,strengthen the introduction and cultivation of rehabilitation professionals,and support the input of social capital in the construction of dedicated rehabilitation hospitals.28.Operating cost subsidies will be granted to senior citizen dining points and daytime service centers.Social organizations will be encouraged to participate in relevant operations,and professional institutions will be commissioned to evaluate the operations of senior citizen dining points and daytime service centers and operating subsidies will be meted out accordingly.29.The development of the old-age industry will be vigorously promoted.Through government leadership,policy guidance and mechanism introduction,the market,social organizations and individuals will be encouraged to participate in senior service institution service,community service and old-age care and home-based senior service to provide more quality services and products available for senior citizens.30.The network of education for senior citizens will be improved.We will set up Xuhui District's senior citizen education development alliance,expand community (senior citizen) education diversified operation models,foster and develop 25 district-level community/senior citizen education studios and 400 municipal senior citizen learning teams,construct 150 municipal standardized learning venues for senior citizens,contribute to capability enhancement for Shanghai schools for senior citizens,and conduct pilot projects on the combination of education and care.31.Input in and support for culture and sports for senior citizens will be increased.Old-age performing art troupes will be encouraged and funded to conduct tours at communities,grass-roots units and senior service institutions,and jogging footpaths and fitness rooms for ordinary people will be constructed with fitness equipment updated.Facilities and resources existing in communities will be fully integrated and leveraged to cater to senior citizens' requirement for cultural and entertainment activities and relevant service will cover at least 90% of all senior citizens across Xuhui District.32.Legitimate rights and interest of senior citizens will be safeguarded.We will carry out Law of the People's Republic of China on Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly and Regulation of Shanghai Municipality on Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly,give play to the role of people's mediation and ensure that the mediation rate of disputes involving senior citizens will reach 100% with a minimum success rate of 96%.Through pairing and contract signing between law firms/offices of justice at sub-districts/town and residents' committees,the availability of legal services at communities will be elevated.III.Guarantee Measures 1.Improving Organizational Guarantee Mechanism We will practically consolidate the leadership in old-age work,put old-age work on top of agenda of each department,and contribute to the formation of composite force through performing respective duties and responsibilities.The District will establish policy inquiry and communication platforms,adjust and improve overall pattern of senior citizen service across the District,and establish a sound old-age service system;each sub-district/town will establish a service team integration platform,implement all old-age service policies,and offer accurate and timely old-age service data;grass-root communities will establish volunteer service platforms,organize and develop volunteer-senior citizen paring and caring activities and timely feed back various appeals from senior citizens.2.Improving Policy Implementation Mechanism In accordance with"Standard for Provision of Public Service Facilities in Urban Residential Communities and Residential Areas",overall planning,deployment and construction of old-age service facilities will be carried out in accordance with relevant requirement of public infrastructure during the reconstruction of old urban districts and the construction of affordable housing and be included in the acceptance criteria of completed projects.3.Improving Financial Input Mechanism We will,according to construction requirement of public finance,gradually increase capital input in the cause for senior citizens,incorporate old-age working fund in public financial budget and ensure adequate outlays for the District's old-age cause in basic social security,medical guarantee,education,culture and sports for senior citizens,and defense of rights of senior citizens and the preparedness of old-age working funds.Social capital will be actively encouraged and guided to invest in old-age cause,thus forming the diversified financial input mechanism.4.Improving IT-based and Project-based Senior Service Mechanism Input in informatization of senior services will be increased and modern sciences and technologies will be employed to boost functional levels of senior service projects.We will,through IT as support and projects as carrier,integrate old-age service resources in communities,continue to enrich the content of old-age service,and provide senior citizens with individualized services to satisfy their multi-leveled and diverse service demands.5.Improving Supervision,Evaluation and Incentive Mechanism Each functional department will improve the old-age evaluation mechanism and the appraisal and commendation of advanced units and individuals in old-age work.In accordance with Opinions on the Implementation of Xuhui District's Three-Year Action Plan on Senior Services,relevant functional departments will formulate detailed implementation schemes.Mid-term evaluation of the fulfillment of the present implementation opinions will be carried out in 2014,and final evaluation will be performed by the end of 2015..


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