• The Everbright Convention Center Restaurant

    Chinese Restaurant offers a variety of specially dishes from Fujianese,Cantonese,Sichuanese to Shanghaiese cuisine.Venue: 2FOpening Time: 11?0014?00,17?3021?00

  • Zhang Sheng Ji

    The Head Office of Zhangshengji Restaurant is set in the five-story Zhangshengji Hotel located in 33,Qingchun East Road,Shuangling Road,Hingham NanXiaoBu area,Hangzhou.With the business area of 10,000 square meters,it is an extra-large star enterprise dealing only in food and drink of Hangzhou.In Shanghai,Zhangshengji Puxi branch restaurant is set on the third and second floors of YiTaiLi Mansion,located in Taiyuan crossing of Zhaojiabang Road of Xujiahui area,with the business area of 3,000 square meters.Its environment and decorating style here basically conforms to that of Hangzhou head office by keeping Chinese folk impression.There are two large wood-carved lions in the hall to welcome guests,38 balconies and two large dining halls.Hangings of ancient woodcarving crafts and china from Jingdezhen can be found everywhere.Here flowers are verdant,atmosphere is elegant,and business is prosperous.When we arrive Pudong New Area through Huangpu Tunnel,and go straight ahead along Pudong road,the beside are the highest tower in Asia"Orient Pearl Tower"and the third highest skyscraper in the world,Jinmao Mansion with 450 meters in height.At the crossing of Pudong road and Yuanshen road,three flashing characters"Zhangshengji"are obviously showed on the top of lofty Wuniu City Mansion.When elevator takes you to the fifth floor,you can see the dining hall of Zhangshengji Pudong branch restaurant with business area of 3,000m2.In the middle of hall,a huge golden figure of MiLe Buddha is sitting up on the platform,exposing his chest and belly,and always laughing to welcome guests from everywhere.Around the hall,there are 32 nicely decorated balconies,but many guests still prefer enjoying their meal beside MiLe Buddha to seek for happiness and fortune.The light Hangzhou Food with"Dried bamboo & old duck"as the representative is perfect in color,scent,taste and appearance,and is greatly appreciated by Shanghai guests.A saying"if you want to have real Hangzhou course,Zhangshengji is the best choice"is very popular along Xiang River.All staff of Zhangshengji Shanghai branch restaurant are wholeheartedly at the service for the warmhearted Shanghai guests..


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