• Shanghai Botanical Garden

    Occupying a total area of about 81 hectares,Shanghai Botanical Garden is the largest municipal botanical garden in China.There are more than 3,000 species of plants peculiar to this region,including 108 sorts of rare plants or plants on the verge of extinction.In the botanical garden,many specialists and engineers are engaged in scientific research business,education,gardening,scene instruction,the interior design business treating plants,etc.The Shanghai Botanical Garden is divided into four spacious sectors that specialize in magnolias,peonies,azaleas,roses,osmanthus,ferns,bamboo,maples,and conifers.The orchid garden is considered the best in China.The gardens are a tool for education,scientific research,sightseeing and production.The gardens also act in the training of introduced species.A new area known as the 'Plant Evolution Section' has been built inside the complex where where horticultural experiments are conducted.This is a more traditional garden in which medicinal plants are grown and harvested.China's Largest??Potted Landscape Park??There is a new area,the??Plant Evolution Section??,where horticultural experiments are conducted,and a more traditional garden in which medicinal plants are grown and harvested.The hallmark section is the??Penjing Bonsai Garden??,with hundreds of bonsai displayed in a large complex of corridors,courtyards,pools,and rockeries.There is an attached??Rock Penjing??display,as well,in which rocks are carved and glued together to form miniature mountains that are placed in trays of water;this is China's largest??potted landscape park??.Modern Botanical Greenhouse The Exhibition Greenhouse is a newly developed modern botanical greenhouse.It consists of two smaller greenhouses,one for tropical plants and the other for sand plants,the former focusing on the themes of gardens in which flowers of all seasons are displayed and tropical rain forests,producing a vivid tropical view with flowers competing for beauty,the latter,on the other hand,being a collection of the world's strangely-shaped cactuses and rare succulent plants,vividly displaying the views of tropical plains,which,set off by deserts,camels,and the setting sun,makes people feel as if they were walking in a desert.Tourists can fully feel the mystery and changes of the world of plants.The Exhibition Greenhouse not only provides tourists with guiding services,but also with rooms for science popularization,thus enabling the tourists to acquire knowledge about relevant plants while experiencing the beautiful views.The garden grounds are extensive,punctuated with restaurants,exhibition halls,vendors' stalls,a greenhouse with 3,500 tropical plants from Southeast Asia,and several children's playgrounds.Admission fee: RMB 15/person Opening hours: 08:00~17:00 TransportationTake Bus NO.56,131,720,718,714,847,Longwu Line,820,824 or light rail line Mngzhu to Shanghai Botanical Garden directly..


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