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    Pacific Department Store Group is under the Taipei Pacific SOGO Department Store Group.Pacific SOGO Department Store,a comprehensive department store,was founded on November 11,1987.It's praised by consumers for its high-quality goods,and excellent services.It always organizes its promotional activities according to the customer's lifestyle.The group entered the mainland market in 1993 with its a=Ʊ-Shanghai Xuhui Pacific Department Store,Shanghai Huaihai Pacific Department Store,Shanghai Buyecheng Pacific Department Store,Chengdu Chunxi Pacific Department Store,Chengdu Luomashi Pacific Department Store,Chengdu Xinguan Pacific Department Store,Chongqing Pacific Department Store,Beijing Baishengyingke Pacific Department Store,Beijing Wukesong Pacific Department Store,and Dalian Lianyang Pacific Department Store.Those in Taiwan are: Pacific Sogo Zhongxiao Store,Pacific Fuxinguan Store,Pacific Dunhua Store,Pacific Zhongliyuanhua Store,Pacific Zhonglizhongyangxinguan Store,Pacific Xinzhu Store,Pacific Gaoxiong Store,and Pacific Tianmu Store.The Pacific SOGO Department Store Group upholds the operation guideline of"Reform,Speed,Challenge",having achieved an impressive performance in Taiwan and mainland China with its professional and systematic management system.In order to meet the multiple and diverse needs of customers,the group is vigorously expanding its department store business in big cities of China,aiming to provide the customers with broader,fuller,and better retail services.Pacific SOGO Department Store Group is dedicated to showing: new image,new hope,and new vision,leading a new urban living space,and striving forward for new glory.The a=Ʊ-Shanghai Xuhui Pacific Department Store: located in the famous Xujiahui CBD,which is one of Shanghai's most bustling commercial centers with convenient traffic and full of domestic and overseas enterprises.The Xuhui store is connected with the Xujiahui Subway Station,with a total area of almost 30000 square meters,including a underground floor and 8 floors above ground,and is a large scale shopping mall with diverse functions such as shopping,leisure,dining and entertainment.The store was opened in December 1993.Thanks to its favorable location,excellent business philosophy and flexible marketing strategies,the store has made huge success with its unique characteristics,becoming an successful business model in Shanghai..


  • IKEA,Xuhui Store in Shanghai

    Store informationAddress:No.126 CaoXi road,Shanghai Customer services:Tel: 4008002345 Hotline working hour:9:00am-21:00pm Email: CS.CNIKEA@IKEA.COM Store opening hours:Business Hour: 10:00am- 22:00pm during Monday to Thursday.10:00am-23:00pm during Friday to Sunday.We offer breakfast every morning 9:00 Public Transportation InformationBy Metro: Metro Line 1 & Metro 4: (Shanghai indoor stadium station)take exit No.7 Metro Line 3: (CaoXi road station)take exit No.3 By Bus: Take bus line: 718,704,704B,926,49,157,754,138,721,42,720,923,138,251,721,73,808,87,89,938,on foot to store.IKEA Xuhui StoreWelcome to IKEA a=Ʊ-Shanghai Xuhui Store!IKEA is the place where you can find many IKEA's unique products - thousands of home furnishing products that are designed to make your home more comfortable,more beautiful and more functional.IKEA has always been trying to lower its prices so that our products are more affordable than ever.In almost all areas we have well designed,functional products at incredibly low prices!IKEA a=Ʊ-Shanghai Xuhui StoreNO.126 Cao Xi Road,Shanghai?????????2013 GS(2011)6020 AutoNavi,Google?????????2013 GS(2011)6020 AutoNavi,Google????2013 GS(2011)6020 AutoNavi,Google使??????????????形????45???Zoom How to shop in IKEA!Easy shopping in IKEA!If you fist time to come IKEA.Come here to know about why IKEA could attract so many customers.If you can't wait to visit IKEA.please view our shopping method first.It can help you to find what you need easier!Click here to know about how to shopping in IKEAPlease choose professional service offered by IKEA independent contractorFriendly RemindFlat-packing makes it easy for you to bring home and assemble the furniture yourself.We never make profit through transporting and installation.If you still want to choose delivery and assembly service,we also offer you options.You can choose the safe and well-organized delivery and assembly service,which is offered from IKEA independent contractor.All the services are only charged with reasonable fees.Professional assembly can guarantee use quality.In accordance with IKEA's Management Regulation,for purpose of maintaining normal public order and providing safe and well-ordered environment for consumers in IKEA store,it is prohibited to offer or solicit home delivery services or assembly services - other than IKEA's own certified delivery and assembly services - within this IKEA store.Individuals who do not comply with this management regulation will be required to cease the activities and must leave IKEA.IKEA would like to remind you not to respond to the illegal delivery service providers that might approach you in store.Welcome to visit IKEA!Reminder: To keep a nice shopping environment,please consign your belongings (size exceeds 30cm in length and 22 in width) to the lockers.We provide following solutions for you to choose: 1.Free self-serve lockers.(Location: store entrance and exit)2.Red packages for IKEA use only.(Free use and tack back at cash line)Please enjoy your shopping at IKEA!Click to view detail video 3.7M IKEA BUSINESSA better life at work!Do you want your office become more unique?Do you want your shop make full of attractive?Do you want your cafe have elegant atmosphere?Whether your business have any decoration design and furniture procurement needs.IKEA BUSINESS could help you to achieve!We are not only create a better life for the many people.Also now we set up IKEA BUSINESS.They will provide enterprises with solutions and comprehensive services during six service area.To create comfortable,practical and full of personality business environment.Contact number?021-54257623?Direct line?021-54254532-2521/2522Fax?021-54254532-2530Mailbox?SHBZ@IKEA.COMWebsite? You can click here to find more inspiration idea in office decoration


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