• Xuhui District Library

    Xuhui District Library was officially founded in July 1957 and evolved from Shanghai People Library Xuhui District Reading Room opened in 1953.In December 1990,Xuhui District Library was settled in the newly built courtyard building with an area of 5,426 square meters.To implement"Regulations on Public Culture & Sports Facilities"issued by the State Council,Xuhui District Government claimed back the northern building from its tenants in 2005 and renovated it with special fund into a high-class and finely equipped public venue for cultural activities.Xuhui District Library is a nationally Grade A library and a model unit of Shanghai.Most of the books collected are about human science,with art and local literature as the characteristics.The library offers book lending,reading,special collection,western languages,and other services for children,the aged and also the blind readers.The library has set up Comprehensive Service Department,Reading Room,Lending Room,Theme Hall,Children Hall,Exhibition Hall,Self-study Room,Lecture Hall and classrooms.The library also provide free lectures and video playing over the weekends to entertain the public.To share resources,Xuhui District Library has cooperated with the People's Armed Police Force in Shanghai,Qingpu Prison,Shanghai Juvenile Recreational Institution,Xuhui District Federation of the Disabled and welfare institutions and set up joint libraries,helping them carry out reading or other cultural activities.In 2003,the library became a reading base for correctional subjects in Xuhui,offering reading lectures for offenders in the community and providing venue for welfare labor.To expand the cultural service functions,the library often carries out various reading activities for the public,organizes classes of cultural interests and provides training.Meanwhile,the library has cooperated with schools nearby to reinforce ideological and moral education of the underaged.In terms of digital resources,the library as the sub-center of cultural sharing project of xuhui,has developed and purchased a great amount of digital resources for readers inside the library.With VPN technology,readers can also log on the VPN account and get access to the digital resources outside the library..


  • SJTU Library

    With its humble origin as a small reading room built in 1896 upon the establishment of the Nan Yang Public School,the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Library is one of the most venerable university libraries in China today.Since the construction of the first university library building in 1919,SJTU Library system has come a long way with the additions of the Pao Sui-Loong Library on the Xuhui campus (October 1985),the Pao Yue-Kong Library on the Minhang campus (October 1992),the Liberal Arts Library on the Minhang campus (April 2004),and the Main Library on the Minhang campus (September 2008).The School of Agriculture Library on the Qibao campus became a member of SJTU Library system in September 1999,and six years later,in June 2005 the School of Medicine Library on the Luwan campus joined its ranks.Since its founding over a century ago,SJTU Library has been committed to fostering innovation,ensuring practical relevance and pursuing academic excellence.Over the years,SJTU Library has made great progress and had significant achievements.With a total area of 63,700 m2,SJTU Library system currently comprises a number of branches covering a wide range of fields on natural and social science and technology,including affiliated libraries and reading rooms housed in different schools and departments.Equipped with rich resources and state of the art facilities,SJTU Library is now an open and integrated service system that facilitates and promotes research initiatives in all areas.Following its time-honored tradition of having readers' best interests at heart while providing top quality services,SJTU Library pursues the service idea of"Study resources are conveniently accessible combined with integrated information commons;Reference services are extended from library to departments and research teams;Library services and development are better supported by new technology and research programs"by facilitating the integrated service model that covers all aspects of library services,enhancing the information literacy education and personalized subject services.Through full functionality in library holding,information retrieval,and document delivery,SJTU Library system plays an active role of a knowledge exchange and dissemination network with a focus on facilitating academic research,and carrying forward the university cultural heritage.A member of IFLA,SJTU Library is also the Southeast Regional Center of CALIS,the Secretariat of the Steering Committee for the Academic Libraries of Shanghai,the Administration Center of the Shanghai Education Network Library and a branch of the Shanghai Central Library.SJTU Library is also the novelty center for science and technology updates accredited by both the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.As first of its kind in China,SJTU Library runs a"Library,Information Science and Archive-management"master program.In the future,SJTU Library aims at becoming a user-oriented digital library system with 360 degree services..


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