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  • C.Y.Tung Maritime Museum

    Address: 1954,Huashan RoadContact: Sun LijunTel: 021-6293 2403Opening Time: Tuesday to Sunday,13:30-15:00 The C.Y.Tung Maritime Museum,jointly founded by Hong Kong Tung Foundation and Shanghai Jiao Tong University,is located in the new central courtyard of the university.It is a two-floor building of western style but with a patio of Chinese style as well.It used to be a dormitory building for students.With over 90 years of history,the building has overwhelming taste of time.The exhibition hall,with an area of 600 square meters,houses the Chinese Maritime History Gallery and the C.Y.Tung Gallery.C.Y.Tung was the father of Tung Chee-hwa,former chief executive of Hong Kong SAR.With a good number of images,documents,models and trade cargo for shipping,the Maritime History Gallery generalizes ship and shipping history of China since the Neolithic era.The C.Y.Tung Gallery condensed the legendary life of Tung,one of the world's seven sea barons with vivid photos,materials,documents and created scenarios.Also a global citizen and a multinational entrepreneur,C.Y.Tung remained committed to be a Chinese,loyal to his country in his entire life..


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