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  • Yuz Museum at Xuhui Riverside: Myth/History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art

    Time: May 18November 18,2014Price: RMB60 for adult;RMB30 for students and aged citizensAddress: 35,Fenggu Lu,Xuhui Disttrict (in the south of the crossroad of Longteng Avenue/Fenggu Lu)Opening Hours: 1030-17:30 (Open all year round except Monday)Tel: 8621 6426 1901 Tags: Xuhui Riverside,Yuz Museum,Budi Tek,Myth/History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art Yuz Museum has launched the inaugural exhibition"Myth/History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art"commemorating the grand opening of the Museum in Shanghai on May 18 this year.The exhibition showcases masterpieces of many famous contemporary artists from home and abroad.Wu Hung,the art commentator and professor from the University of Chicago is the curator of this exhibition.Located along the West Bund in Xuhui District,Yuz Museum,Shanghai is a is an important representative project of the"West Bund Cultural Corridor".Neighboring Longteng Avenue in the east and Fenggu Lu in the north,the museum boasts a total area of 9,000 square meters,among which the hangar-converted main gallery alone covers over 3,000 square meters.By retaining the unique sense of grandeur of this enormous structure,the space perfectly sets off the magnificence of the installations in Mr.Tek's collection.Famous art commentator Wu Hung from the University of Chicago is the curator of the exhibition whose theme is"Myth / History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art,presenting more than 100 pieces of collected works of Mr.Tek in the unique space constructed with large-scale art structures.Focused on the concept of"mythology"and"history",the exhibition intends to tap the basic tendency and logic of creation and narration of contemporary art.The exhibition also includes all famous artists in China's history of contemporary art.The media covers a good number of art forms including installation art,painting,sculpture and photography,entertaining the audience with the double appreciation of visual beauty and art beauty.The exhibition declares the opening of a new public exhibition space for contemporary art in China,which intuitively reflects the special character and direction of collections of the Yuz Foundation..


  • Industrial Tourism

    Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Caohejing Hi-Tech Park is located in southwest part of Shanghai,abutting Xujiahui Leisure,Shopping and Entertainment Center.Within a stone??s throw from Shanghai South Railway Station and the Airport Express,the hi-tech park is close to a sophisticated transportation network.In 1988 Caohejing Hi-Tech Park became one of China??s 14 national economic and technological development zones and in 1991 a national hi-tech development zone as approved by the State Council.As proved by the State Council respectively in 2003 and 2004,it established a national export processing zone and Pujiang Hi-Tech Park.Covering a total area of 14.28 km2,the hi-tech park is home to World Top 500 enterprises such as CISCO,3M,Philips and over 120 research institutes,including Shanghai Branch of Chinese Academy of Scienses,Shanghai Institute of Space Propulsion (Office 801),which developed the engine for Chang??e No.1,and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering and Design Institute,which designed and developed Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant,the first nuclear power plant in China.The park has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification tests and is accredited by State Environmental Protection Administration as??ISO4000 State Demonstration Zone??.Tourist Destinations and Routes Orientation Chart Map Modern Service Tour suitable for investors,developers and government study missions Science Building????Phoenix Building??Ecological Leisure Center Modern Industrial Tour suitable for industry related persons,study missions from government or businesses,the public Science Building????Shanghai Huigong No.3 Sewing Machine Factory????Ecological Leisure Center Ecological & Scientific Tour suitable for industry related persons,business teams,the public Science Building????Juke Biological Park????Comalong Industrial Town,3M manufacturing site????Ecological Leisure Center Variety Tour suitable for study and exchange groups Science Building????Shanghai Huigong No.3 Sewing Machine Factory????Phoenix Building????Juke Biological Park????Comalong Industrial Town and 3M manufacturing site????Ecological Leisure Center ________________________________________ Science Building It is the nerve center and the headquarters of the hi-tech park,home to the innovation center,merchant enter,park management and service center,etc.of Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Development Corp.The exhibition hall on the second floor of the building showcases the hi-tech results and products of the park.________________________________________ Phoenix Building Industrial Park It is mainly targeting at institutions and enterprises engaged in hi-tech research and development.It has attracted a number of Top 500 enterprises in the world with its well-rounded supporting services and facilities.________________________________________ Shanghai Huigong No.3 Sewing Machine Factory It is regarded as??the strongest competitor??by a foreign sewing machine giant.Its HIGHLEAD products have won the title of Shanghai Famous Brand for seven years consecutively from 2000.The visit will unveil the entire process for the creation of industrial sewing machines.________________________________________ Ecological Leisure Center Mountains,bridge and river,with colorful flowers.A 5000m2 intelligent glass greenhouse creating a worldly Eden.Here you may enjoy the ecological oxygen bar and get a unique experience brought about by technologies.________________________________________ Shanghai Juke Biological Park It is a biological technology incubation park established jointly by Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,CAS and a=Ʊ-Shanghai Xuhui District People??s Government.Viewing the closed hi-tech laboratories and the modern biopharmaceutical line is like stepping into a science fiction movie.________________________________________ Driving Tour ?Comalong Industrial Town It is home to reputed enterprises such as Philips,HP,and also a large number of Taiwanese companies.________________________________________ Driving Tour ?3M China Ltd It is the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China established outside the special economic zone.The factory in Caohejing Development Zone is the earliest manufacturing of 3M in China.________________________________________ Routes Connected to Neighboring Areas Shopping Tour Caohejing Hi-tech Park????Xujiahui Xujiahui,where the ancient and the contemporary converge,is a landmark for experience of fashion and an urban center full of charms.Itinerary: Visit Caohejing Hi-tech Park in the morning;after having lunch at the park,go shopping at Ecological Leisure Center;then leave for Xujiahui,visit Xu Guangqi Memorial Hall,Catholic Cathedral,or go shopping at Grand Getaway Plaza,Oriental Department Store,Metro City,Best Buy,etc.and have dinner at Xujiahui.Taste of Culture Caohejing Hi-tech Park????Former Residence of Madam Song Qingling,Marshall Mansion,taste the moments of classic eternity,and listen to the melody of poems.Itinerary: Visit Caohejing Hi-tech Park in the morning;after having lunch at the park,go shopping at Ecological Leisure Center;go to former residence of Madam Song Qingling,Marshall Mansion and La Villa Rouge, the afternoon.Meet-up with Fasion Caohejing Hi-tech Park????Hengshan Road in the night Itinerary: Visit Caohejing Hi-tech Park in the morning;after having lunch at the park,continue the visit in the afternoon;go to Hengshan Road at night for dinner and enjoy the wonderful night life of Shanghai..


  • Wukang Rd

    Warmly welcome to Wukang Rd of XuHui District to have a trip of architecture??history and culture.We are now in the south west of Shanghai----The XuHui District,where also the intersection of Middle Huaihai Rd.??Yuqin Street??Tianping Street.??West Huaihai Street??Xingguo Street and Wukang Rd is located,the place where??Six roads join??.This kind of phenomenon is a rare view to be seen in the anfractuous allocation of roads in Shanghai.It was formed during the time of the illegal expansion of the French concession when the roads were built disorderly.This structure of roads which was formed before liberation has been basically inherited and kept after liberation.Among these six roads which join to each other,the overall length of Wukang Rd is 1.17km.Its original name isFerguson Road,which was built in 1907 and hadn??t changed its name into Wukang Rd until 1943.Wukang Rd is a familiar peaceful and secluded road in the south-west of Shanghai.At the same time,it is also one of the best-preserved continental blocks nowadays.Within the whole historical protection zone of??Henshan Rd to Fuxing Rd??,it is a hundred-year street of many modern excellent architectures and has a rich and colourful history.At present,there are 14 excellent historical architectures,37 preserved historical architectures and some other old houses which are worth being preserved from now on along the Wukang Rd.Traditionally,the Wukang Rd is regarded as one of the most famous residential areas in Shanghai,where once a lot of Chinese political leaders,Chinese leading cadres after liberation,elites and plutocrats in commercial and financial sectors and culture celebrities lived.We??ve got Huangxing apartment,former residence of Tang Shaoyi,apartment of Chen Guofu and Chen Lifu,apartment of Mo Shangqing who is called the silk czar and the most famous one----- the former residence of Bajin who is a master in literature.What shall we visit on Wukang Rd?It is known that there are??Three Sights??: one for architecture,another one for history,the last one for culture.The sight for architecture on the Wukang Rd is to enjoy these western-style houses and small apartments and houses in lanes which are under the shades of platanus and surrounded by flowering trees and shrubs.Here you can see any style of architecture from different countries like the UK??France??Italy??Spain.In one word,we have everything that you expect to see as architectural styles of classic??Renaissance??Baroque??eclecticist tendency and modernism,just like an??Exhibition Hall??of western countries??architecture.The sight of history on the Wukang Rd is also an interesting one: Sun Yat-sen who is the leading spirit of China??s bourgeois-democratic revolution,had been to Wukang Rd two times for planning revolutionary affairs with his major assistant Huangxing.Another historic event that happened here was the murder of the first prime minister of the republic of China Tang Shaoyi,which is believed to be homicide.Among these two,other major events and activities in modern Chinese history all happened along this street.There are a lot of luxury villas showing the history of western adventurers who seek their fortunes here.These properties were taken away by force or trickery in Shanghai??recording the hard entrepreneurial process that Chinese national capitalists made during the time in Shanghai.It can be inferred that the WuKang Rd has been regarded as a??Shanghai Urban Memoirs??of modern Chinese history.The culture on the WuKang Rd is shown by the old residence of one of the masters in Chinese modern literature BaJin,as well as his statue,showing a writing BaJin.Along Wukang Rd,lots of legends and amusing news about many writers and film actors who have once lived on this special Rd in Shanghai can be heard.We can say that the WuKang Rd looks like a??Culture Salon??gathering of cultural celebrities??human exploration??creation and recalling of European-style.Now let??s go along this hundred-year street under the platanus,closing in on each old house of its own unique features,opening??Memoirs??found in archives page after page,listening to the thrilling or moving stories and anecdotes from history one after another.Shanghai is going to welcome the World Expo this year,at that time the Wukang Rd will also be one of the famous historical and cultural streets to show the old Shanghai fashion towards visitors..


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